The Ballad of Soshur

Soshur is committed to creating a world where community and conversations are the foundational building blocks to a greater global networking society through a fundamentally different approach to technology.

At Soshur we ask, what is the greatest place you’ve ever worked at look like? Our goal is to help build that!

We help organizations embrace and develop an environment that enriches lives and inspires communities. These aren’t just workshops and trainings, this is a fundamentally different approach that creates higher value and revenue while embracing a culture of constant learning and change. The future is here, the time is now, the answer is you!

  • IT Professional Leader Coaching and Development
  • Systems analysis and consultation connecting real customer and business insights
  • Organizational topology education, workshopping, training and consultation
  • AI assisted productivity augmentation ethics and approach consultation
  • Measurable, valuable, and accurate organizational metrics
  • Aligning team product value to tangible organizational initiatives and goals
  • Tools for measurable, sustainable, repeatable, and teachable continuous improvement processes
  • A happier, more trusting, vested culture of learning and growing

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